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 Refurbished Wooden Pallets

Wooden pallets are the cornerstone of the world economy and play an essential role in global supply chains. Conservative estimates assume that up to two billion pallets are in use at the same time worldwide. Many trucking companies use the same pallets over and over again, as a well-made pallet is very durable and with care can be reused multiple times.

Of course nothing lasts forever. Daily wear and tear that occurs during transportation can eventually cause a pallet to degrade too much for safe and effective use. Fortunately, wooden decking can be repaired and renovated, bringing it back to life.

Benefits of using refurbished wooden pallets:

Good for the environment

Because quality wooden pallets can be repaired and refurbished several times during their useful life, they are a great way to demonstrate your company's environmental credentials. Repairing damaged planks not only saves trees that would have to be felled to produce new replacement planks. It also saves the energy required to harvest those trees, grind the wood, build the pallet and heat treat the finished product. With many shipping companies having an inevitably large carbon footprint, using remanufactured wooden pallets is an effective way to reduce it.

Good for your business

Lumber prices are rising worldwide and this is affecting all industries including shipping and transport. Deciding to replenish your pallet inventory with remanufactured wooden pallets rather than newly manufactured pallets is a smart business decision. Not only are you likely to save money, but you'll also become more conscious of how your business is using its resources.

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