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 Plastic Pallets

Plastic pallets are rigid structures that provide mechanical stability to a large number of goods during handling to preserve their quality. Handling includes all activities related to lifting, moving from one point to another, stacking, storing products and transporting them over long distances by land or sea. To facilitate the mobility of goods, plastic pallets are designed to be moved by equipment such as forklifts, pallet jacks and front end loaders.

Plastic pallets have many advantages over other materials, such as lightweight, hygiene and cost-efficiency. There are different types of plastic pallets that a company can choose from based on their needs. Plastic pallets can be seen in warehouses, factories, shops and trucking companies. However, all types of pallets remain an important tool in the logistics and supply chain industry.

Plastic pallets have standardized sizes according to the regulations imposed by the governmental organizations in a specific region. Standardized pallet sizes were developed to eliminate the time and inconvenience of moving goods to a specific region. Pallets made of other materials also fall under these regulations.

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