How to make your own braai or smoker - no welding required!



NOTE: The drum needs to be clean before use, and you can do any cleaning on the inside once you cut open. Remove any rust on the outside with 80-grit sanding pads.

1. Use your angle grinder and cutting disk to remove a section for the flap. You can make this any size as long as you leave a strip on both ends for mounting the supports.

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Wear gloves and safety glasses when working with steel and sand the cut edges either with sandpaper, or blunt using your angle grinder.

2. To hold the lid and prevent it from falling through you will attach two thin strips of stainless steel. You can buy a small piece of sheet steel and cut these with an angle grinder.

3. The strips were cut to length to fit inside the drum under the side edges and then riveted in place. Start at the centre and work towards the ends to keep the strips flush and aligned

4. Place the butt hinges on top of the drum and attach with rivets. Pop in a couple of rivets for each hinge and then check it swings properly before riveting the remainder.

5. The handle is an old brushed steel cupboard door handle attached with screws through the lid flap

6. For the chimney some car exhaust parts were used, but you can substitute this with galvanised pipe fittings - anything just to provide an exhaust. The fittings can be riveted or screwed onto the drum

Make up your own configuration of grill racks using threaded rods and stainless steel braai racks that you will find in the camping section at your local Builders. Or buy steel grid at a local steel merchant and make your own racks.

Once assembled, spray the exterior with Rust-Oleum High Temperature spray in your choice of finish. The frame / cradle for the braai smoker is made of angle iron bolted together