Steel Drums

A Guide to Steel Drums

Drum Material – Carbon or Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel  Most steel kegs are made of carbon steel or stainless steel. Stainless steel offers better chemical resistance for products that require barrel cleanliness and material compatibility depending on composition. Due to their unique properties, stainless steel kegs can surpass carbon steel kegs in terms of corrosion resistance, tensile strength and reusability.

Drum Top – Open Head or Tight Head (Closed Head)

Drums are available in either open head (cover can be removed) or tight head (cover is permanently secured).

Open Head Kegs – Open head kegs, also known as 1A2 kegs, have a fully removable lid secured with a bolt or toggle ring closure. Open-head drums make it easier to work with thicker solids and liquids (oils, absorbents, syrups, adhesives, etc.) and are typically used in situations where contents are added or removed frequently. 
Fixed Head Drums –
Fixed Head drums, also known as closed head drums or 1A1 drums, have a secured, non-removable head and are typically used with lower viscosity liquids. 

Covers and Closures

Deck - A deck is a lid or top for opening the main drums. The covers should be fastened with a bolt or toggle fastener. 
 Bolt Ring Latch -
A bolt ring is a ring that secures the lid to the container by surrounding the lid and container top in a groove. Then this ring is tightened with a screw connecting the ends of the rings. A calibrated torque wrench is used to confirm correct closure (to meet UN classification requirements). 

Toggle-lock ring closure – The toggle-lock ring secures the lid to the container with a latch (or lever) that is pulled back and forth applying torque to the two ends of the ring, similar to the bolt ring. A torque wrench is not required to confirm proper closure.

Drum Colors

The standard colour for drums (in stock) is black, but typical drum colours include white, grey, medium and dark blue, vintage yellow, red and dark green. Other colours are available on request. The different colours make it easy for many customers to keep track of what they have stored in different containers without having to open them. For example, you can look at  50 barrels and easily see what's in each one. Stainless steel barrels are not painted.

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