DPI Recyclers 210 Litre Steel Drums

DPI offers a specialized service to a wide variety of industrial players, where we buy 210 litre steel drums and 210 litre plastic containers that have been used for the transportation and storage of chemical products/goods.
These used drums and containers are reconditioned.

210 Litre Steel Drums

The steel drums are designed and produced to exacting standards with a range of specialist features and accreditations ensuring flexibility and customization to market sector and customer requirements. To ensure high safety during transport and handling, every steel drum is inspected for leakage

Choose from closed head or open head and without lid or with removable lid and locking ring

DPI Recyclers Supplies High Quality Reconditioned 210 litre Steel Drums that can be used for multiple purposes Stainless steel is considered the most reliable and safest material for industrial grade containers. Metal drums, like the ones we recondition at DPI Recycling, have long been a favourite for the storage and transportation of chemicals, consumables, hazardous materials and more. In recent years, plastic drums and containers entered the scene and boasted their superior lightweight and flexibility. However, there is a reason metal drums are still considered the gold standard. Not only can they promise levels of durability and sanitation that porous plastic cannot, but they are also vastly eco-friendlier.

210 Litre Steel Drum Uses

- Construction Material Transportation

- Chemical Transportation

- Grills/Smokers

- Fuel/Chemical Storage – Water Storage/Rain Barrel

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210 Litre Steel Drums