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The use of IBC tanks. 
 IBCs are used in a variety of industries for the transportation and storage of liquids, including: 
 Paints and coatings 
 Food ingredients 
 Pharmaceutical ingredients 
 Wines and other beverages 
IBCs are easy to carry and handle, durable, reusable, and environmentally friendly and offer six standard drums storage capacity, allowing you to transport more materials in fewer containers. 
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 Intermediate Bulk Containers  (IBCs) are becoming increasingly popular for shipping liquid industrial paints and coatings. Stainless steel IBCs are one of the acceptable packaging methods for transporting hazardous and corrosive liquids, while also doing double duty as efficient warehousing. 
 Whilst IBCs are a cost-effective and safe method of transporting paints and varnishes, the main challenge for the complete replacement of 210-litre steel or plastic drums in the paints and varnishes industry lies in the complete adoption by all participants in the supply chain, including small and medium-sized enterprises. large companies and also when shipping abroad. Large companies are leading the transition from drums to bags, and many expect well-established facilities from supply chain providers.

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